My book in english version (Моя книга в английской версии)

Rainbow word (Радуга слово)

In all of life have the basic concept is pretty much the same. A child born, then get an education to any level. Education is one of the processes of life, in it there is also a stage experience that directly and indirectly be able to guide as well as the capital to support the next life.

Countries also have a basic concept same as life. Each country has natural conditions that can shape the culture, so this will affect each other. The country will make the process of life in the form of experiences to everyone who is in it, vice versa people living in the country will establish a system to the state it anyway. A person living in a particular country would have faced a variety of experiences and so it is for people who just come and live in another country, which is not the place of origin of his birth, it becomes its own experience as well as a part of life that is quite valuable.

 Each country has a total populationof their own, have dynamics interact with each other, things will certainly get people in the country will be giving and receiving. On the basis of it all, life is always wise to share, especially sharing good information, because for some people, or even for a lot of people, good information is the most important thing. Therefore the main reason in making this book is to provide information of had experiences hoping to have a good and beautiful meanings.

Stay long in Jakarta has its own experience, the capital of this beloved country has a pretty impressive experience in life. In the course of time, than given other valuable opportunities, which can stay in Moscow, the capital of Russian Federation. Countries formerly quite close to Indonesia, while they are unrecognizable. It turns out that this country is quite different from the earlier estimate of its history, why not to give more information on the experience, hope there is a good side that can be taken.

This book covers a wide range of rainbow experience based knowledge of health ever in the can, as well as provide information also experience of others who have experienced recently, the experience over in Jakarta and Moscow. Not only about matters of everyday life in both cities, as well as all sorts of knick – knacks found from these two cities, but also a little invite to know Betawi and Russia.

 Hopefully the book can be useful for anything, might as information and materials other views, especially for those who want to know more about Jakarta and Moscow, as in the two different cities of the country there are some similarities and certainly has the uniqueness of each. End of words, want to say thank you to all.

 Love to share
Life is a series of beautiful spectrum, during the live can be useful.
- Lidia Putri  -

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